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treebranchchild's Journal

25 December
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Hi. I'm a tree branch.
13 assassins, action, adventure, air, animals, animations, anime, anosmia, anosmic, being free, branches, breeze, cartoons, cavy, cheese, clones, comedy, computer, congenital anosmia, congenital anosmic, creative writing, cursing, dejavu, dimensions, dreaming, dreams, eating, eggs, enjoying life, everything, exercising, exploring, fantasy, films, final fantasy ix, fishing, gaining weight, galaxy, gaze, genres, gore, graphics, guinea pigs, hamsters, hanging out, hiit, hiking, history, horror, hot showers, humorous things, i have so many, i write a lot, imanidiot, jogging, journal, laughing, laying, lazy, letters, long showers, manga, me, mecha, memories, migi, miyazake, moral compass, morale, movies, multiverse, muscles, nature, nostalgia, nothing, nova, paradox, parallel universes, parasyte, peace, people, pets, pleasedonotlookatmytags, plyometrics, pondering, poop, procrastinate, ps1, ps2, psychological, random, realistic, reality, remembering, resting, rodents, running, safe haven, sci-fi, science fiction, shameless, shit, shitting, short hair, showers, sitting on my ass, sky, sleeping, sleeping for days, smiling, snes, space, spirited away, star-gazing, stargazing, stars, steam, steampunk, studio ghibli, swearing, swimming, the legend of dragoon, the universe, the world, thinking, tomboy, totoro, training, tree branches, trees, twin spica, values, video game music, video game tunes, walking, warm, warmness, water, weight gaining, what is this, writing, writing letters, yaoi, you